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Roberto is a jack of all trades who enjoys life at the fringes of the bell curve. He is appalled by the shallow, emotional, and dishonest discourse on public affairs. He is searching for his true purpose in the universe through blogging.

Respect Should Flow Downward In A Hierarchy As Well As Upward


Below I describe a personal experience that illustrates an important principle that relates to any hierarchy. I attended the hour-long Executive Council meeting as a stand-in for my boss.  The invitees were a collection of VPs and high-ranking directors, and today the conference table was full.   I was in note-taking mode; my only …

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Cherry Blossom Time in DC

Washington Monument at Dusk

Those of us who live in the nation’s capital have to put up with a lot.  The horrendous traffic, summer heat and humidity, high cost of living, bloviating politicians and posturing bureaucrats, dysfunctional governments, hordes of tourists,  etc.  One of the rewards for our patience is the annual blooming of …

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5 Words You Should Banish From Your Vocabulary…

…if you want to be taken seriously. The words you choose will determine how others evaluate your intellect. It matters in almost any interaction you have outside of a close personal relationship. This includes your workplace and any interaction with someone you don’t know well. I’m not going to address …

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Gyrocopter Stunt Exposes Security Vulnerabilities


Yesterday’s crash landing of a gyrocopter on the Capitol lawn again exposed security vulnerabilities in the area of the National Mall.  The pilot, identified as Doug Hughes, claims to have flown his craft from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, about 65 miles away.  Upon his arrival in DC, he buzzed the White House and …

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